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Heart Attack Misdiagnosis

Orange County Medical Malpractice Attorney and Misdiagnosis of Heart Attack

When an individual is misdiagnosed in a situation of heart attack, the results can be life-threatening or even fatal.  There are a number of conditions that could exist with similar symptoms to a heart attack, such as heartburn, acid reflux or even certain back or nerve problems.  Nonetheless, when a physician fails to recognize the symptoms of a heart attack and advises the patient that their symptoms are something else, this can cause severe danger or even death to the misdiagnosed patient.  In such a case, it is crucial that you contact an Orange County medical malpractice attorney from Accident Lawyers.

Medical Malpractice Cases and Heart Attack Misdiagnosis

Any medical malpractice case is complex and requires extensive documentation in order to prove negligence.  The legal team at the firm is experienced in the filing of such lawsuits, and can prepare your case for court.  In some medical malpractice incidents, the filing of the claim or suit results in a settlement prior to trial; in other cases it is necessary to take the case to the courtroom.  In either case, our legal team prepares the case carefully for the client or their families and will demand full compensation for damages in the claim.

Each case has unique circumstances and degree of injury that results from the misdiagnosis and must be fully reviewed in order to determine what damages and other losses were suffered by the victim.  Our legal team is prepared to review the evidence surrounding the case and advise you how we will proceed in pursuing compensation.  When the case has resulted in the loss of a loved one, a wrongful death claim is a possible route.  In cases in which the victim of the misdiagnosis suffered serious physical damage from the heart attack after being misdiagnosed, the medical costs as well as other damages must be included in the claim filed against the negligent doctor, medical facility or other medical professional that was involved in failing to recognize the symptoms of a heart attack.

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