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Infections in Hospitals

Injury or Illness from Hospital Infections

When in a hospital we expect that our health will be improved, or that the condition from which we suffer will be resolved.  In most cases, this is what occurs.  In others, patients have contracted other illnesses or infection while at the medical facility that create more damage than the original condition, or make it worse.  This includes infections such as staph infection, or nosocomial infections.  When the hospital personnel have become lax in the necessary sanitary procedures, they can pass on serious and dangerous infections to patients that are there for treatment.  If you or a loved one has caught an infection while at a hospital, it is critical that you immediately contact an Orange County medical malpractice attorney from Accident Lawyers.

Orange County Medical Malpractice Lawyer

The Center for Disease Control has reported that approximately 99,000 deaths occur each year from this dangerous situation. The infections are often pneumonia, urinary tract infections and other dangerous illnesses.  When the elderly or extremely ill contract one of these infections it can lead to serious medical problems or even loss of life.  The majority of these conditions are the result of lack of hygiene, including handwashing.  When any hospital employee fails to uphold the standards of hygiene, infection can spread throughout the facility.  The injuries suffered by the innocent patient can be life-threatening or result in loss of life.

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious infection while in a hospital, it is likely that a medical malpractice claim or lawsuit can be filed related to the incident.  The degree of illness suffered in the incident as well as other damages will determine what compensation will be sought in the lawsuit.  Each case must be reviewed to determine how to proceed.  Our legal team stands ready to assist the injured who are seeking compensation for illness, injury or other damages that have occured through hospital negligence. 

Contact an Orange County Medical Malpractice Attorney from our legal team at once if you or a loved one suffered illness, injury or lost their lives through an infection in a hospital.

Orange County Medical Malpractice Lawyer

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